General Interest package: 4 days / 3 nights

30 Aug,2013

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Day 1: afternoon arrival; hike on the interpretive trail; dinner; night walk

Day 2: optional: birding; breakfast; paddle through a cloud forest stream, visit to a waterfall to find archaeological artifacts; lunch; visit to medicinal/herb garden and cooking class or handicraft class (heated pool and fireplace always an option); dinner; night walk to look for frogs

Day 3: breakfast; hike to picturesque Cosanga River, river swim; lunch; blowgun or bow-and-arrow, or fishing; dinner: Amazonian tasting menu

Day 4: breakfast; visit lucuma plantation and plant tree; lunch and departure


day 1

DAY 1: We will arrive at the beautiful San Isidro Cloud Forest Lodge mid-afternoon to get settled into our comfortable accommodations, surrounded by hummingbirds and other colorful birds. After a short rest, we will embark on a hike in the afternoon along San Isidro’s interpretive trail for a guided walk along a trail that will give us our first taste of the diverse cloud forests that surround us. Keep your eyes peeled, because visitors have been seeing Mountain Tapirs recently along this foray; it takes some luck and stealth, but this would be a grand find indeed. We will get back in time for some relaxation and to shower up before dinner.

At dinner we will be officially welcomed and have our first taste of Ecuador’s best-known hot toddy; a delicious drink - called “Guayusa” - made from water boiled with native Guayusa leaves, fruit juice, and a dash of cane alcohol, that is sure to help warm us up. After a magnificent dinner – San Isidro’s food is widely recognized for its originality and exquisite quality - a night hike awaits us, where we will be in search of owls, frogs, strange insects, nocturnal mammals or any other critter that might grace our presence. Night at San Isidro.



DAY 2: For those up for an earlier wake-up, birding around the lodge gardens is an option, where there is much activity. After an 8:00 buffet breakfast we can have a look at the Black Agoutis – native and large forest rodents – that come to feed on corn right around the cabins. Afterwards we will paddle through a beautiful cloud forest stream – enjoying its peacefulness and the sounds of the forest - that takes us to a forest trail that will lead us to a shallow, natural pool fed by a small waterfall where we will find pottery shards that have washed in – sometimes quite decorative - left behind from a group - the “Curisetas” (translated as the “Goldsmiths”) - that inhabited the region pre-colonially.

In the afternoon activities will be optional and can be programed with your guide, whether it be a relaxed dip in the heated pool with a lit fireplace, a visit to the medicinal/herb garden, cooking class with the staff, or a handicraft class. Night walk to look for frogs. Night at San Isidro.


day 3

DAY 3: After an 8:00 breakfast, we will immerse ourselves in San Isidro’s large cloud forest reserve, and hike down to the picturesque Cosanga River along a trail that leaves civilization behind. Bring your bathing suits along, because on a sunny day, a dip in the river - in the fresh mountain waters - can be very refreshing. We will make it back to the lodge in time to clean up for lunch, and enjoy another spectacular meal in the dining room that overlooks the reserve.

After a midday break, optional afternoon activities include the following: bow-and- arrow or blowgun target practice, fishing, heated pool and fireplace. Just let your guide know your preferences and have a great time! Dinner will be earlier this evening to allow time for the imaginative and elaborate Amazonian tasting menu waiting for us. We’ll take another stroll around the lodge to check the lights, where we will surely encounter a myriad of beetle and colorful moth species that have descended, their designs and patterns seemingly limitless! Night at San Isidro.


DAY 4: 8:00 breakfast. This morning we will take a hike up to the lucuma tree plantation where you can plant a tree and tag it with your name. Lucuma fruits are a tasty, succulent fruit, native to the zone, and you can be a part of the reforestation right here on the property. Lunch and departure.


Thanks for your visit, and have a great trip!